© Matt Pych 2007

The artists' reception for the exhibition Apparition will take place tomorrow at Curious Matter in Jersey City, NJ during the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour.

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For more information on the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour, click here.

Matt Pych successfully completed a piece entitled Dispersed Arguments this past weekend as part of the DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival which was curated by the DUMBO Arts Center. Expect to see a new gallery with images and information about this project soon on www.mattpych.com.


A catalog for the exhibition Apparition was released today. It can be purchased directly through Curious Matter (201 659 5771) or through www.lulu.com.


The group exhibition Apparition opened this past Sunday at Curious Matter in Jersey City, NJ and will be on view until October 27th. In addition to Matt Pych the artists included in this exhibit include: Fanny Allie, Sarah Anderson, Aaron M. Brown, Arthur Bruso, Alex Callender, Peter A. Davis, Ana Maria Delgado, Jimmy Fike, Bonnie Gloris, Dan Langston, Ross Bennett Lewis, Raymond E. Mingst, Jeanne Aulaire Mischo, Carol Quint, Carol Radsprecher, Katie Sehr, Shawn Taylor, Yoshitaka Teramoto, Marc Valega, Kelly Vetter, and John J. Zirkelbach.

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AUGUST 25TH, 2007

Since the release of his website Matt Pych has been invited to show his work at Artworks Gallery in Hartford, CT. The exhibit, Artworks Photography Invitational, will be on view from September 5th to the 25th. To view work that Matt Pych will have on view in this show please click here.

He has also found out over the past few weeks that he has been selected for two upcoming events. One is an outdoor performative installation which will take place during the DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival selected by the DUMBO Arts Center (DAC). Most recently he was selected by the curators Arthur Bruso and Raymond E. Mingst to participate in a group show entitled Apparition to be held at Curious Matter in Jersey City, NJ. This exhibit will coincide with the 2007 Jersey City Artist Studio Tour.

More information on these events will be coming soon.

JULY 13TH, 2007

Today is the official release of www.mattpych.com, a website designed to show not only Matt Pych's broad range of work, but also his thoughts and inspirations in relation to his work. Like Matt Pych and his work, constant evolution of this site is to be expected.

He originally planned to release the site on 07/07/07, what many would consider a very, very, very lucky day but decided to wait to tie up some loose ends. To test his theory that he could get by on his talent and intelligence and could do without luck, he decided to release his site today, 07/13/07 - Friday the 13th, a very unlucky day. Apparently, Matt Pych is not afflicted by paraskavedekatriaphobia.

Other notable births that have occurred on Friday the 13th in recent history are those of Margaret Thatcher, Fidel Castro, Steve Buscemi, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and last but not least, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

JUNE 29th, 2007

Matt Pych was selected as an alternate for a solo show at Real Art Ways in Hartford. Although this does not guarantee him an upcoming show at the gallery in 2008 it places him in the top 12 of 230 candidates. He is very satisfied with these results. The selecting jurors for this annual series of solo shows for emerging artists were: Derrick Adams, (Curatorial Director, Rush Arts Gallery and Resource Center, NY); Jane Philbrick, (Artist, CT) and Olu Oguibe, (Visual Artist, Writer, Scholar, Curator and Associate Professor of Art and Art History at the University of Connecticut, CT).