© Matt Pych 2007
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I have been working on a series of photographic still lifes that walk the thin line between representation and abstraction. These photos reflect advertising, current events, and every day life through styling and composition, the use of household products, and images culled from the internet. I spend a great amount of time and attention to the selection, placement, and lighting of these objects.

Each still life is photographed through a homemade viscous lens which creates chaos to these meticulously composed still lifes. The results are often disorienting. The photos that have appealed to me the most are those that reveal the "undisturbed" still life as well as the distorted one in the same frame.

This is the first time that I have ventured into color printing. I have found the process to be extremely rewarding. This series is ongoing and constantly evolving. I am eager to see what the future may bring.