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These pieces are placed in the public realm without formal permission. They are often very subtle, temporary in nature, and do not always stand out as "art pieces". They originate from a desire to engage a broader audience beyond the conventional confines of the art world.

Follow No Path was a series consisting of phrases stenciled on the pathways of Washington Square Park in New York City. Various powdered goods were used to stencil the phrases including sugar, flour, coffee, and spices. Four phrases were used: "Follow No Path", "Where You Are", "You Are Not Where You Were", and "Forget Where You Were". The fact that these phrases were not permanent and could easily be rendered unreadable questioned the legitimacy of what was written, lending the piece multiple meanings.

In the window on the right are two additional Public Interventions, Mechanical Parasite and Processing Unit III (Sacrifice). The first one, Mechanical Parasite, arose from a site-specific sculpture assignment given in a class lead by Marsha Pels. Although it is situated in a not so public space, it opened many ideas of taking art out of its expected jurisdiction and into the world.
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