© Matt Pych 2007
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These pieces are placed in the public realm without formal permission. They are often very subtle, temporary in nature, and do not always stand out as "art pieces". They originate from a desire to engage a broader audience beyond the conventional confines of the art world.

The House Where I Grew Up (Orange) & (Strawberry) were two separate pieces made of frozen, flavored gelatin. I placed them on two different piers in Red Hook, Brooklyn where they remained until the sun rose and turned them into a sweet, sticky puddle of saturated color.

House of Plenty was a birdhouse made of birdseed that was placed in a tree in Fort Greene Park, also in Brooklyn, NY. It presented two choices to the birds: food or shelter? This is something that we, and I am sure our feathered friends, would prefer not to choose between. House of Plenty was favored as food rather than shelter. It remained in the tree until all that was left was its skeletal armature, a memory of the house that once stood.

Both pieces question the common view that architecture is permanent and unchanging.