© Matt Pych 2007
Matt Pych is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in the neighborhood of Jackson Heights in New York City.  He was born the youngest of four children and was raised in large suburban town in northern Connecticut where he was surrounded by strip malls, parking lots, and tobacco fields. He was fortunate in his youth to have the opportunity to take classes from a local sculptor, Barbara Scavotto-Earley, where he was exposed to a diverse range of artists and approaches to creating art. During this period, Matt Pych received several awards including the top prize for his portfolio from the Connecticut Scholastic Art Awards as well as early admittance to his first choice in art schools, Pratt Institute.

He soon began his studies at Pratt Institute where he expanded further on his diverse approaches to creating art. While in attendance his work developed under the guidance of several influential professors including: Julia Heyward, Ann Messner, John Monti, Marsha Pels, and William Sayler. The experience of being situated within New York City proved to be extremely beneficial due to its status as a cultural capital. He completed his BFA focusing in sculpture in 2001.

Although he appreciated his experience at Pratt Institute, he also found his time there to be confining. After finishing school he felt that it would be most beneficial to advance his work outside of an academic environment, where he lacked a safety net and a predetermined audience. This proved to be extremely difficult during those first few years, however his determination and ability to adapt to any given situation has brought him more focus than ever before.

Matt Pych has devoted much of his time working in photography in recent years. He has taken several technical classes focusing on printing and lighting due to his interest in working with film as way to record transient events. His vast and diverse interests, as well his belief that art serves as a catalyst for change to our society, continues to push his work forward, into the unknown.