© Matt Pych 2007
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At one time or another we have all experienced arguments, whether they were ones that we participated in or ones that we were a spectator to. Arguments occur both in our personal and professional lives. Some bring us closer together while others push us further apart.

For this piece entitled Dispersed Arguments I stenciled phrases that often occur during arguments onto a sidewalk beneath the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn. Much like an argument one may overhear while passing, it was not entirely clear what these arguments were about but it was clear that they were very personal in nature.

These arguments were stenciled in birdseed and as time passed they shifted as an effect of people walking on them and animals feeding on them as can be seen in the images on the right. When we look back on past arguments that have occurred in our lives, frequently there is less clarity regarding what they were originally about.

This piece was selected by the Dumbo Arts Center to be a part of the Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival in the Fall of 2007.
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